Brian's Story

By Brian McKellar |


Eric Terry and I with the help of my sister (Carmen Hawk), who is an extremely talented videographer, put this video together at the beginning of the year.  But this is essentially how NetAngel started.

Our families got together at the park and I met with Eric and talked to him about my idea. I didn’t tell him about my addiction at the time, but he really liked the concept. Eric is a genius in my eyes; an extremely successful programer and dedicated to our mission of fighting back against pornography.

As an addict, I knew accountability needed to be instant. And also to prevent addiction, accountability needs to be instant. And we can’t count on technology to do all the work for us. Parents, spouses, friends, etc… need to help each other and make connection with each other.

The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, its connection.

So I worry about these other filter routers and mobile options, because in my eyes, they all seem to depend on technology to be the parent.

Ours does not.

You will know when your kid goes to the instant he or she does it. And that is the exact moment you need to talk to your kid.

I wish I had this when I was 14. I think if I had, I would have stood a chance. I don’t want people to go through what I’ve gone through. And if you're in the fight like me, let's get through this with NetAngel’s help.