History of NetAngel

By Brian McKellar |

Girl with tabletInternet filters don't do enough. The reason is you're trying to have a computer monitor and control what is right and wrong.  They do a pretty good job, they'll block a lot of big "bad" sites, but they always fall short of education. Sometimes I call NetAngel the "First Human Driven Internet Filter" because of its alerting system. Let me explain a little about the history.

I've looked for a long time for something that would trigger a text message if pornography was accessed on my network. I personally couldn't find anything that fit my needs. So instead, I reached out to my old roommate, Eric Terry, who I knew could build one.

What if we built a router that would send out a text message if pornography was accessed? That way a parent or spouse could step in and stop it. I guarantee that no pornography filter is perfect, you try hard enough and you can get around anything and see what you want to see. But while trying, you are probably hitting blocked pages, and that is where ours would be better. Every time the system is triggered, a text alert would go out!

He loved the idea and he knew exactly what to do. So we built a pretty cool router and got a couple people on. But having a router-only based solution wasn't enough. We knew that we needed to stay device agnostic, and support mobile devices as well. So we came up with the idea of using a VPN to tunnel traffic through our cloud servers, which could basically do the same thing our router was doing. In short, we built an internet filter that can filter any browser, any app, any device, and any system.