How I Prevent Pornography on my iPhone

By Brian McKellar |


We have a really good team at NetAngel. Eric really prefers the Android and I prefer the iPhone. It give us great perspective on how to build our apps and how to protect these devices. I used to have a "dumb" phone because of my addiction, but when I started working in sales and started running a mobile business, I "needed" an iPhone. I quickly learned the tempations of having SUPER easy access to pornography. I even resisted for a long time in having someone help me lock-down my phone. But after too many relapses, I had to get serious. So here is what I did.

1. Use iOS's Restrictions.

Here is a support article from Apple on how to get access to these restrictions and what you can do. One thing that I love about it is it takes a separate passcode. I can have my own password to my phone, but my wife has the password to the restrictions. For the sake of the attached video, I actually had to have my wife remove everything so I could show you what it does! It's amazing and I'm proud of Apple for having these restrictions.

2. Use T-Mobile for your Carrier.

All the carriers right now have deals where if you switch over to them, they'll pay for most (if not all) your termination fees. So don't tell yourself you can't switch. SWITCH TO T-MOBILE! I'm disappointed in Verizon because they had NO parental blocks for my iPhone (at least 3 month ago when I was with them). And you know what, it's not that difficult to add them. Eric built a way, for any carrier that wants it, to super restrict the internet for kids. You can enforce Google, Youtube, and Bing safe search, block any website you want, and it's customizable for any age. Now it's not as dynamic as NetAngel, it can't read content, but it's a HUGE advantage for any parent. I found that T-Mobile is the best. They still could benefit from Eric's Tmobile web content filterdesign as I can get around T-Mobile's restriction, but I don't exactly want to publish that knowledge for any kid that's reading this. So suffice it say, I've found they are the best. But hey, send a tweet to CEO, John Legere, and ask him to read this article. Maybe together we can make T-Mobile the safest internet for kids!

3. Use NetAngel.

Yes, this is self publicity, but my iPhone problems constitute the majority of the reason Eric and I started this company. NetAngel is designed to read the words that come onto the screen and some words that don't even come up. We do this because the internet is growing and changing SO fast. Even with Apple's restrictions and T-Mobile's restrictions, there still could be that 1% chance that your kid stumbles upon that brand new pornography site nobody has categorized yet. Also, Apple and T-Mobile (or any carrier for that matter) have no accountability features like NetAngel has. My wife finds so much peace knowing that if I stumble across something on accident (or on purpose) she is going to be alerted.