Is our product right for you?

By Melanie Terry |

Fingers crossedThe NetAngel filter was designed for a specific audience.  Namely, we are looking to help two groups of people.

  • Firstly, families.  We hope to help families protect their homes and prevent innocent children from getting hooked on pornography.
  • And secondly, addicts looking for help.  We hope that NetAngel can be a tool to assist those who are looking to break free from pornography addiction.

Disclaimer:  We make no limitations of who can use our product and in what way.  The ideas expressed in this post merely reflect our own personal beliefs.

Notice that one group of people we left out are those who are trying to catch a child or spouse in the act of looking at porn.  We regret to inform you that if you are hoping to use our product to spy on someone in order to accuse them of wrongdoing, this product may not be the right one for you.  Here's why:

1. NetAngel filter is only a machine

Therefore, if you're looking for hard evidence through the notification system that your family member is addicted to porn, you will be sadly disappointed.  As was shown in the post, Why did I get a notification?, notifications will be sent for many reasons, some of which are false positives. 

2. Addicts who are not ready to change will lie to you

The conversation that is supposed to be generated from the text notification will not be helpful if the person viewing Internet content refuses to be honest.  In addition, those who are in the pit of addiction are used to lying and manipulating to continue their behavior. Relying on this as a way to accuse someone can be a horrible idea.

3. Our goal is to HELP families and individuals

BinocularsWhile a spouse or child using porn is obviously not contributing to a healthy family relationship, a parent or spouse being angry and vindictive enough to spy so that they have something to hold over the other's head does not help achieve that either. We do not want to help rip families apart when there are better ways to handle the situation.  We suggest finding a sex or family counselor to help you work through your problems.