Spring clean your house… AND YOUR MIND!

By Bobby Macey |

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and with it comes spring cleaning. We tidy up our houses (especially considering we’re all spending more time there these days!) and things start to look really nice. 

We love this time of year. So while we’re on the subject of spring cleaning, wouldn’t it be great to be able to clean up our minds? They’re amazing and capable of so much good. 

But let’s be honest — we’ve all seen things that we wish we could unsee. And some of those things, like pornography, often stick around for a long time whether we want them to or not. But did you know there are other ways pornography clutters your brain? 

Pornography is Highly Addictive

Looking at pornography gives your brain a chemical buzz that can become something it will crave again and again. The more you consume, the more it rewires your brain. This makes it function differently than before, and can also lead to compulsive behavior. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough... the buzz you get makes it harder and harder to stop. The more you watch it, the more you get hooked.

Pornography Destroys Our Values

The longer you view pornography, the more likely you are to branch out into different areas in search of that fulfilling fantasy. This may eventually take you into some pretty dark places, where truly disturbing content is introduced. 

The worst part? Those places might start to feel more normal to you the more you visit them. Before you know it, you are comfortable with a horrifying mess where you used to be into keeping things pretty clean and tidy.

Pornography Affects Our Physical Relationships

When your brain is accustomed to getting a rush from pornography, intimacy with another person can become less of a rush. Many people who are hooked on pornography find self-gratification gives them more of a buzz than being with a partner. 

Others find themselves trying to act out what they see in the videos they watch, which can be very unsettling to their partner. Sadly, a material that is often marketed as helping to spice up your love life ends up having the opposite effect instead.

Wow, who would have thought pornography creates such a mess? 

The good news is that even the biggest mess can be cleaned up if you have the right tools. The longer someone can go without pornography can help undo whatever damage has previously been done. 

It can be overcome! Spring Cleaning

That is where NetAngel can help. Whether your mind is in need of some spring cleaning or you want to help protect your family from potential messes, our filtering services can block attempts to reach pornography, and can alert you when someone tries to access it. It will help you identify the dirt before it turns into a muddy pigsty. 

Due to the world pandemic, more and more people are online at home, working, passing time, etc. When boredom strikes and the temptation to make a little mess comes along, it’s awesome to have some backup to help keep your brain in a springtime state of mind all year! 

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