Porn: It's Not Just a "Guy Thing"

By Allie Johnson |

Woman computer dark"Let me begin by saying how much I loathe myself for what I'm about to tell you," she began. Brittany* is a beautiful young woman who suffers silently with an addiction to pornography. "The first time I saw a naked woman in a provocative pose was when I was only 11 or 12. I was never taught about the dangers of the Internet, or anything to do about sex in general. I had heard the word...

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Pornography isn't the problem. It's the solution.

By Glenn Paul |

High grassI know what you're thinking. "Pornography is the solution? Yeah, ok. That's kinda like saying fasting is the solution to world hunger".

Well, you might have a point; but hear me out and let's see if I can bring this train to the station.

Stripping away all the layers, at the very heart of each and every person who's ever taken a breath while on this earth lies one...

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