The blog post I never thought I'd write

By Melanie Terry |

Few in the crowd

My husband’s business venture with NetAngel has been quite a learning experience for both of us.  He has had the opportunity to meet lots of new people, learn new technologies in order to build parts of the filter, and practice staying focused without clear deadlines and management.  For me, the learning has been quite different. I have learned a lot about those who have...

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Porn: It's Not Just a "Guy Thing"

By Allie Johnson |

Woman computer dark"Let me begin by saying how much I loathe myself for what I'm about to tell you," she began. Brittany* is a beautiful young woman who suffers silently with an addiction to pornography. "The first time I saw a naked woman in a provocative pose was when I was only 11 or 12. I was never taught about the dangers of the Internet, or anything to do about sex in general. I had heard...

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Pornography isn't the problem. It's the solution.

By Glenn Paul |

High grassI know what you're thinking. "Pornography is the solution? Yeah, ok. That's kinda like saying fasting is the solution to world hunger".

Well, you might have a point; but hear me out and let's see if I can bring this train to the station.

Stripping away all the layers, at the very heart of each and every person who's ever taken a breath while on this earth lies one...

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