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After purchasing the 1 year NetAngel membership gift code, you will receive an email with the code. You will also have the opportunity to print out the code. Treat this gift code like cash! It is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

The gift code can be redeemed by signing up for a new NetAngel account, and entering in the gift code to receive a 1 year subscription of our NetAngel household plan. After the 1 year is over, a subscription of $15 per month is required by the recipient of the gift code for continued service. Your payment method you use here will not be charged following that 1 year as we don't retain payment method details The user of the account will need to input their own payment information for continued service after the initial first year.

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We are a group of innovators seeking to make the internet a safer place for the world. We understand the dangers of pornography and want to help people fight back. Our team is comprised of highly successful entrepreneurs and software engineers. But most importantly, we are parents who want to prepare our children for the world in a safe and controlled manner.

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