Time Control Features

Begin by logging in to your NetAngel Dashboard

**Setting Time Control Features **

Select which device you want to edit. Along the top, find and select “Time Rules”.

All Applications on the device will automatically be included in time restrictions. You can select which applications you want completely included or excluded from time restrictions by clicking the Application, dragging and dropping it into the desired category.

You then have TWO different options for time control.

**Enable Time Limits **

By enabling time limits, you can control when the device can and cannot be used. For example: On Sunday, if you’d like the device to be accessible between the hours of 6am - 4pm, you can adjust the settings as such.

- You can also include additional time restrictions, i.e. 6am - 4pm would be one setting. You can then add another setting to allow the device access from 7pm - 10pm. That locks theh phone between the hours of 4pm - 6pm.

You can edit these time limits and make them specific to each day, Sunday through Saturday.

**Enable Time Allowance **

This setting allows you to allot a certain amount of access time each day. If you only want the device used for 60 minutes on Mondays, type in “60” next to “Monday”. The device will lock after 60 minutes of use.

If you want to receive an alert when a device reaches it’s time limit, select “Alert Me” at the bottom of the page.



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