NetAngel Core Values & Beliefs

Learn our stance on pornography, addiction, and recovery.

1. Pornography in all forms is destructive to individuals, families, and society. 

2. Intimacy and Sexual Attraction are natural and appropriate within appropriate limits.

3. We believe healthy human relationships are the foundation to avoiding and overcoming pornography. This requires:

           a. A desire to avoid or overcome pornography 

           b. Willingness to be completely honest and transparent 

           c. Accountability, acceptance, and responsibility for one's own actions

           d. An understanding that Guilt and Shame are not the same thing

                       i. Guilt is a sense of remorse for discord in behavior and values, which motivates an individual to change in a positive way. 

                       ii. Shame is a discord in behavior and values which negatively motivates an individual to hide the behavior rather than change. 

4. Technology can be an aid, not a solution, to pornography. 

          a. We believe education about pornography and responsible technology use are essential to preventing and overcoming pornography addiction. 

          b. Instant notification can aid in timely positive human intervention

5. Pornography addiction is a real disorder that can be overcome with proper support and treatment by professionals.

6. NetAngel is not religiously affiliated. 

7. We do not believe legislation is the solution to the problem, but encourage concerned parties to be involved politically to shape legislation as dictated by their own conscience.

We make no limitations of who can use our product and in what way.
The ideas expressed in this statement merely reflect our own organizational beliefs. 

Innovators seeking to make the Internet a safer place. 

NetAngel's mission is to educate and equip families and individuals with the tools and support needed to avoid and overcome the destructive effects of pornography.

Eric Terry and I with the help of my sister (Carmen Hawk), who is an extremely talented videographer, put this video together in 2016. But this is essentially how NetAngel started. Our families got together at the park and I met with Eric and talked with him about my idea. I didn't tell him about my addiction at the time, but he really liked the concept. Eric is a genius in my eyes; an extremely successful programmer and dedicated to our mission of fighting back against pornography. 

As an addict, I knew accountability needed to be instant. And also to prevent addiction, accountability need to be instant. We can't count on technology to do all the work for us. Parents, spouses, friends, etc... need to help each other and make connection with each other. The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, its connection. So I worry about these other filter routers and mobile options, because in my eyes, they all seem to depend on technology to be the parent. Our does not. You will know when your kid goes to the instant he or she does it. And that is the exact moment you need to talk to your kid. 

I wish I had this when I was 14. I think if I had help, I would have stood a chance. I don't want people to go through what I've gone through. And if you're in the fight like me, let's get through this with NetAngel's help. 

- Brian McKellar, NetAngel Co-Founder

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We are a group of innovators seeking to make the internet a safer place for the world. We understand the dangers of pornography and want to help people fight back. Our team is comprised of highly successful entrepreneurs and software engineers. But most importantly, we are parents who want to prepare our children for the world in a safe and controlled manner.

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