Thinking about a phone for your child?

By Allie Johnson |
Girl with presents

I had visited store after store, sale after sale, searching for the perfect scooter for my 4-year-old son, when I finally found it! The scooter was lime green (his favorite color) with 3 wheels that lit up with LED lights, and black and white tassels hanging from the handlebars. I knew he would love it. I placed it in my shopping cart and headed to the checkout counter, when a thought occurred to me: “What if he falls off the scooter and gets hurt?” I immediately turned around and headed back to return the scooter to the shelf. But that wouldn’t be realistic - he could get hurt simply by walking and tripping over his shoe laces (which he has done before). Why not teach him how to safely ride the scooter, and give him the proper tools to do so? I grabbed a helmet and some knee pads to aid my son in learning how to safely navigate his new ride.

Girl using phoneWe cannot completely prevent our children from painful experiences, such as falling off a scooter. However, we CAN give them tools to prepare them for an inevitable fall as they grow up. In our world today, smartphones and the Internet are a necessity. We use them to communicate and keep track of each other, especially our families and children. As children grow older and have smartphones of their own, they are more at risk of being exposed to pornography. Whether stumbled upon by accident, shown by a friend, or discovered out of curiosity, our children and teens live in an extremely sexualized culture and will inevitably come across pornography on their devices. So as parents, what should we do? Do we return the scooter back to the shelf to shield them from potential damage?

No - we buy them a helmet and knee pads; give them the tools they need to help keep them safe from any bumps and bruises they may endure while navigating the internet. NetAngel is the ultimate protection against pornography. You can download the NetAngel app to any smart device (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) to protect them anywhere your kids go. Whether they are at school, home, using WiFi or data, they are protected. Parents receive instant text alerts when an inappropriate website is attempted access, creating an opportunity for a healthy discussion on pornography and sex. 

Teen boys using phones

Our children won’t always be 4-year-olds we can simply protect with a few extra pads. Eventually they will outgrow that super-cool green scooter, and instead look forward to having their own phone or tablet. The Internet is a daily part of our lives. Learning how to live with it safely is key. Learn more at